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Every Asian American has the answer that’s true for them. So, we asked the trailblazers in the community who are transforming the culture. Together, their collective voices tell the story of how we are pushing the limits and breaking barriers for the next generation and beyond.

Meet some unforgettables

From Sara Sohn to Alex Landi, these are the icons that inspire us. Whether in acting, filmmaking, fashion, music or art, they continue to drive us into the future.
Their individual answers were touching, inspiring, and most of all, unforgettable.

Alex Landi | Actor
Steven Lim | Creator, Producer
Sara Sohn | Actress
Hudson Yang | Actor
Sherry Cola | Actress, Comedian
Vincent Rodriguez III | Actor
Tiffany Chu | Actress, Producer
Dan Matthews | Musician, Producer
Jeff Yang | Writer
Derek Mio | Actor